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Morning Luggers,

 A benefactor dropped this by me. Can we work towards making our
indivizual stands known. It would surely go a long way towards setting a


On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 09:03, Trevor Warren wrote:
>                    Department of Information Technology
>                             E-Commerce Section
>       The Section 87 of the IT Act, various rules and regulations are
> being
> formulated by the Central Government.  Under Section 87(2)(b) &
> 87(2)(c),
> the following rules are to be formulated.
> 87(2)(b):  the electronic form in which filing, issue, grant or payment
> shall be effected under sub-section(1) of section (6).
> 87(2)(c):  the manner and format in which electronic record shall be
> filed
> or issued and the method of payment under sub-section(2) of section(6).
>       While framing the above rules, a view point emerged that the use
> of
> the oen source technology for electronic filing of the records could
> also
> be explored and it may not be restricted to proprietary software.  The
> details of the different opinion are enclosed herewith for your
> reference.
>       Different opinion on the procedure to be followed for electronic
> filing of records under Section 87(2)(b) and 87(2)(c):
>       Issue
>       An electronic record may be filed with any office, authority, body
> or
> agency owned control by Central Government provided the said electronic
> record is a secure electronic record, is in portable document format and
> has been created using approved open source software.  While for the use
> of
> secure electronic record and portable document format could be an
> acceptable norm, there is an apprehension on the use of open source
> software.
>       Opinion I:  There would be more issues related to security in the
> open source software as all the developers who are hosting source
> document
> on the web do not generally take the responsibility.  The infrastructure
> also as such is not available for approving the particular type of
> software
> from the various varieties of software available in the market.  Open
> source software may not be acceptable to public at large and it could
> become a legal issue.
>       Opinion II:  The relevant open source software for creation of PDF
> files could be easily created in short  span of time by the government
> bodies.  Trojanized software could be a major threat to national
> security
> and the use of approved open source software is the best precaution
> against
> trojans.  Using the proprietary software for government filing system
> could
> be dangerous as the non-availability of source code could make it
> impossible to evaluate the software for hidden threats.  Since the use
> of
> open source software is not proposed to be made compulsory for
> transaction
> between private parties and hence, there could be no apprehension about
> legal issues on the use of open source software.
>       An opinion is sought from all the members of the public
> knowledgeable
> on the above subject whether the open source software should be used for
> electronic filing, issue, grant or payments taking into consideration
> the
> opinion I and opinion II above.
>       The replies may be sent before 30th November 2003 to the following
> mail address:
>             apatki at mit.gov.in
>                                           Harshprabha
>                                           Joint Director
>                                           16.09.03
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