[ILUG-BOM] Meeting Venue on 14th.

Nagarjuna G. nagarjun@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Nov 26 18:55:36 IST 2003

I have recived a proposal that the next meeting can be held at CDAC's 
Training School in Bandra.  Mr. Prasad Kulkarni said it is possible to 
hold our meetings there.  Many of the students who will be taking CDAC's 
courses will also be attending.

I would like to know whether we do this on the coming 14th of DEC or the 
meeting in Jan.  Please send the information as soon as possible.

Also it is good to announce the agenda.  One of the agenda is to discuss 
  the arrangements for the WSF event where a stall will be setup.  We 
need many volunteers to support the event for six days.  For more 
information regarding WSF please visit http://www.wsfindia.org


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