[ILUG-BOM] free counterpart of MS project

Nagarjuna G. nagarjun@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Nov 26 21:48:35 IST 2003

Sthitaprajna wrote:
> "Nagarjuna G." <nagarjun at hbcse.tifr.res.in> said:
>>Sthitaprajna wrote:
>>>If your friend is using MS Project properly, as in most features and 
> really 
>>>follows the PMBOK way or any other live project management process to 
>>>schedule/log and monitor the projects, there is _no_ remotely 
> comparable 
>>>free tool. MRProject that runs on Unices is stunded. If he/she has a 
>>>license for MS Project, then why not keep on using it?
>>I want to know what is wrong with MrProject?
> I am not exactly sure where you read that something was _wrong_ with MR 
> Project. If you care to read what i said in my mail, you would infer that 
> the "feature set" in MR Project does not compare to the feature set in MS 
> Project, which is a _far_ more mature application. When I say "stunted", it 
> again means that the features in MR Project will not make a person who uses 
> a lot of the features in MS Project shift easily. And I am not the person 
> who would dismiss a piece of software just for the simple reason that it 
> has been made by Microsoft, or because it is non-free. 

No, I only wanted to know the feedback of users if any.  I dont use any 
project management tool as of now.

But, I dont touch a software just because it works better.  I will touch 
it only if it comes with "nuts and bolts" and I have freedom to repair 
and share the changes with my friends.

If Microsoft comes with a software with "nuts and bolts" I will not mind 
using it.


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