[ILUG-BOM] free counterpart of MS project

Sthitaprajna sp.jena@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Nov 27 10:54:46 IST 2003

"Nagarjuna G." <nagarjun at hbcse.tifr.res.in> said:

> > I am not exactly sure where you read that something was _wrong_ with MR 
> > Project. If you care to read what i said in my mail, you would infer 
> > the "feature set" in MR Project does not compare to the feature set in 
> > Project, which is a _far_ more mature application. When I 
say "stunted", it 
> > again means that the features in MR Project will not make a person who 
> > a lot of the features in MS Project shift easily. And I am not the 
> > who would dismiss a piece of software just for the simple reason that 
> > has been made by Microsoft, or because it is non-free. 
> No, I only wanted to know the feedback of users if any.  I dont use any 
> project management tool as of now.
> But, I dont touch a software just because it works better.  I will touch 
> it only if it comes with "nuts and bolts" and I have freedom to repair 
> and share the changes with my friends.

That's because you have the capability to do it :) I doubt the building 
constructor would go about adding code to a tool.  

Currently, MR Project supports Gantt Charts, a Task Chart and a Resource 
Chart. Of all these, the Gantt Chart is alright. The Task chart and 
Resource Chart have basic functionality. what needs to be incorporated is a 
lot, but as of now, tracking is not possible because of a lack of a point 
storage facility, where you can dump your project status on a particular 
date, and at a later date, revise it. That way you would be able to track 
how many days/resources you have used more/less against your original plan. 
Also, there is no way you can actually plug resource costs properly to the 
task manager or the Resource Charts. 

> If Microsoft comes with a software with "nuts and bolts" I will not mind 
> using it.

that it does'nt :)
I think you are better off using a custom tool - like say take bugzilla 
engine and add project tracking components to it. A base system could be 
made, with a database like PGSQL as the backend, and people can work on 
separate components - and each component can take plugins/etc that can be 
configured. On similar lines to WebMin. Woudl be an interesting piece of 
work if someone got down to getting the logic for all of this scheduling 
ironed it. Making it web-based would be great too. There are some already 
available, search freshmeat for "project management" and look at the 

The biggest advantage that MS PRoject has over others a cheap(as in money) 
Project Management tool is its relatively tight integration and the 
facility to make predictions based on referring to a database of similar 
previous projects. Forecasting and scheduling becomes a lot easier.


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