[ILUG-BOM] fsf?

J. T. D'souza jtdsouza@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Nov 28 00:48:19 IST 2003

On Wednesday 26 November 2003 16:59, Devendra Gera wrote:
> On Thursday 27 Nov 2003 1:28 am, J. T. D'souza wrote:
> > Should that be part of the FSF agenda ;-). Ensuring respect of
> > intellectual property.
> A misnomer at the very least. The whole idea of the FSF is that a
> term like "intellectual property" should not exist - atleast in the
> domain of computer software.

Agreed. But how does that condone piracy of someone elses property. As 
pointed out by Dr.Nagrjuna he will not use a non-free software and 
take the extra pains to do his work. If everyone does the same  
software will indeed automatically become free. However bussinesses 
who say they can't afford software think nothing of robbing someone 
else. Does it mean that companies going bankrupt are free to loot the 
next guy on the street?

Overall it is a general decadence in society that is causing so much 
grief. And it is companies and individuals like these who add to the 
decay by not respecting others rights. 

I would any day hug Bills gates than someone pirating his software.

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