[ILUG-BOM] Meeting Venue on 14th.

Amish K. Munshi amish@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Nov 28 08:47:11 IST 2003

Nagarjuna G. wrote:

> I have recived a proposal that the next meeting can be held at CDAC's 
> Training School in Bandra.  Mr. Prasad Kulkarni said it is possible to 
> hold our meetings there.  Many of the students who will be taking 
> CDAC's courses will also be attending.  

    We can have the meeting at MET (CDAC - Bandra) .

> I would like to know whether we do this on the coming 14th of DEC or 
> the meeting in Jan.  Please send the information as soon as possible.
> Also it is good to announce the agenda.  One of the agenda is to 
> discuss  the arrangements for the WSF event where a stall will be 
> setup.  We need many volunteers to support the event for six days.  
> For more information regarding WSF please visit http://www.wsfindia.org 

    I need volunteers to come forward and give a seminar on any topic. I 
am planning for one seminar in each meeting along with discussions about 
localisation updates and other events (this month it will be WSF).

1. ****A seminar by someone on something (Please come forward and let me 
know if you are interested for this) *****
2. Localisation updates.
3. WSF arrangements.

> Nagarjuna

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