[ILUG-BOM] fsf?

J. T. D'souza jtdsouza@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Nov 29 03:37:06 IST 2003

On Thursday 27 November 2003 17:05, Clinton Goveas wrote:

> And coming back to the topic ;)  of the FSF and how to get it
> popularised (or more acceptable) so no one gets the impression that
> it is "dead". :)

I suppose the website will have to be maintained and updated 

GNU/Linux has it's own momentum and force. Apart from a few in the 
computing industry who cant see beyond their wallets, everyone who is 
introduced to GNU/Linux eventually gets the message and slowly starts 
to use it almost continuosly. This is my personal experience with 
people who have absolutely no idea what a beast the computer is.

All the negative arguments against libre software are put forward by 
people who cant figure out how to hoard wealth while we are dishing 
out stuff for free by the Gigabyte (and making good money too).

The task of convincing governments and organisations is complicated by 
the fact that there is no one USP for libre software. It is like the 
sea - everything is good if you know to swim and fish - or bad if you 
dont. And off course once you teach em to swim and fish they are 
likely to eat and splash about happily with or without you. Unless 
you supply good boats and nets and info about new tasty fish. So 
perish the thought of growing insanely wealthy doing nothing more 
than standing on the shore peddling dried wormy and virus ridden 
GNU/Linux has fragmented the market in every possible way. 
Consequently if you decide on a target market and build a product 
specific to this market libre software beats the shit out of closed 
software without even getting sweaty. But if you decide on something 
wishy washy like Linux for the dektop you are going to face a problem 
- deciding whose desktop. The engineers desktop is completely 
different from the school teachers or lawyers or sound engineers. It 
is a great opportunity for small focused companies targeting specific 
markets. Take the case of a sound engineers desktop. The cost of 
closed software runs to more than 1.5 lacs. Does GNU/Linux make sense 
So what does GNU/Linux lack? only our ability to see opportunity. 
Will one become wealthy selling GNU/Linux yes. But then "wealthy" is a 
very relative term. It will certainly prevent buccaneers like BG from 
accumulating insane mounts of money peddeling trash.

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