[ILUG-BOM] Re: S/F for scanned text to voice over linux....

Abhijeet D Mhatre abhijeetmhatre@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Nov 29 11:37:40 IST 2003

On Saturday 29 November 2003 10:45 am, Nilesh Shinde wrote:
>    Hi everyone
>  i am nilesh n. shinde from Maharashtra Institute of
> technology,Aurangabdad.....studing in my third year of Instrumentation and
> control ENGG......... I am making a project for visually imapaired people
> ....
> basic idea is scanning the text may be from news paper and conveting it
> into voice..... I want any open source software which can directly convert
> scanned text into voice.... also i want to know how to trasfer any C,C++
> code into embedded sysem IC chip plz help

HI Nilesh
This is indeed a novel project and will help a lot of visually challenged and 
old people.

you will need 2 modules. One will be an Optical character recognition (OCR) 
and other is Text to Speech converter.

For the  OCR you can look up free ocr on google.
For the second module you can look up "festival".

hope this helps.


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