[ILUG-BOM] S/F for scanned text to voice over linux....

Nilesh Singit linux_nerd@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Nov 29 19:11:02 IST 2003


There is a braile related distro of linux (i am downloading haven't checked
it ) ftp://ftp.leb.net/pub/blinux/brlspeak.iso
and there is an very active mailing list of visually impaired users
accessindia at yahoogroups.com
write to them they would be of gr8 assistance to you

nilesh singit
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Subject: [ILUG-BOM] S/F for scanned text to voice over linux....

>    Hi everyone
>  i am nilesh n. shinde from Maharashtra Institute of
technology,Aurangabdad.....studing in my third year of Instrumentation and
control ENGG.........
>   I am making a project for visually imapaired people ....
> basic idea is scanning the text may be from news paper and conveting it
into voice.....
>    I want any open source software which can directly convert scanned text
into voice....
>   also i want to know how to trasfer any C,C++ code into embedded sysem IC
>         plz help
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