[ILUG-BOM] kernel 2.4.23

linuxdev linuxdev@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Nov 30 19:32:18 IST 2003

Important news, albiet a little stale.

2.4.23 stable kernel is out. You might want this one for 
1. acpi fixes
2. new usb additions/fixes.
3. brand new XFree86 synced drm driver modules.
4. lots of other fixes I don't know about :D

The XFree86 one is important if you want any sort of h/w acceleration for display. eg. quake :D
also if ur a mplayer buff like me (who isn't ?) u'll want this one to take care of the pain of recompiling the X drm drivers and plugging them into the kernel.

happy compiling,

p.s: no probs. faced as yet.
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