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Tue Dec 9 20:31:55 IST 2003

Dear Mumbai Friends,

Is there any one who is frustrated    money like any thing , or who think that the   dreams with the salary they are getting.  I am   thinging all the above. I am a expirence IT professional ,   very good salary compare to others , my salary was above 20k . but   every one knows 20k is not a good deal in mumbai , and to get salary

Thats is the reason i started search   or job , after 4 months , i came accross to one   will keep secrect now. I really like the working system    company. I didnt take much time to joined this company. This compan   provided me lots of trainig, which help me to develop my business.
   with i   than 15k from    only 8 hours a week. 


i am so confident that if i work full time with this com   can earn more than 40k from this company. I can now really think o   to leave this tension full IT Industries, which gave me nothing after
   spe   not able to    

I am writting this mail only to hel   goals in there life which they want to achive   that this goal they cannot achived with this bluddy j   

This sunday 14-Dec there is Huge Opportunity in mumbai ,    people interested in this business or want to know the details of thi   s business can come there and get the information.

I personal   my all the dreams ,   


peopl   I will personal   company.



Your Friend

[For Things To Change You    You Need To Be Better.]


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