[ILUG-BOM] Multithreading query/ thread stack limit

kiran agashe agashe_kiran@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Dec 11 22:46:59 IST 2003

Hi friends,

I am developing a multithread program on solaris
platform. In one of the functions, which is being
called inside a thread, there is a very huge array of
a large structure. (Instead of creating on heap, it is
created ON STACK, i.e. local variable of a funtion).

I tested the program using Rational purify. When I
increase the size of the structure or the array size,
the purify gives a sequence of BSWs (beyond stack
write error) and BSRs (Beyond stack read error).
Obviously, this problem has something to do with the
thread stack limit.

1. Why does purify give beyond stack write and beyond
stack read errors and not "Stack overflow error"?

2. How to find out the thread stack limit on a
particular system? Is it configurable?

If I run the same code segment inside a process (main
thread) I don't get the above BSRs and BSWs.


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