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hello folks

Better late then never, we are finally able to announce the program for 
SANOG III. The website has been updated with the details. 

In short,
Two hands on workshop - BGP Multihoming and DNS/DNS 
Eight Tutorials - BGP, IP VPN, MPLS, IPv6, HA, and more
A shared keynote and plenary session with IPv6 Summit
One day of Conference

SANOG III will also see SANOG Design Clinics for the first time. We 
have observed that people are reluctant to ask complex questions 
during sessions, so we set up the Design Clinics where you can ask 
questions with router designers and network architect 1:1

SANOG III poster / brochure is also available at 
"www.sanog.org/sanog3/sanog3.pdf", please help in spreading the 

For Additional details please refer to the website. 

Thanking you
	-- gaurab 


SANOG III - 15-22 January, 2004 Bangalore, India
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