[ILUG-BOM] location of the bootlog

yagnesh yagneshchawda@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Feb 19 18:55:46 IST 2004

i am a newbie.
i installed kernel 2.6 on my RH9 m/c by compiling it from
the source code given with LIFY. and instuctions in DIGIT.

As far as i know every thing worked fine and installation
was over and after restart i also got options for selection of the 
kernel with which i wanna boot.

but if i boot from new kernel it shows uncopression is ok 
but it gets hunged over there only.

can u pls tell me where i can find my bootlog so that i can trace the 

also i have heard and also seen that linux by default considers 
my IDE as IDE-33 instead of IDE-133.
pls tell me where i can edit to make it IDE-133 by default.
i am using GRUB as my Boot Loader.


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