[ILUG-BOM] vsftp problem

Mrudul Shah mrudulshah@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Feb 22 20:23:14 IST 2004

hello everyone,

i m am planning to host ftp server .
i m using vsftp , i have my shared directory at /var/ftp/pub/songs. This songs dir is nothin but a sym link to a songs dir on my vfat partition.

Problem is : while accessing the songs dir , i get  this error "550  connot change directoy". 
But , if i login using username and password of a user that has an account on the system - everything works fine.

I have tried changing access parameters but nothin seems to work.
currently the songs dir on my vfat has following access parameters:

owner     root      RWX
group     root       RX
other                  RX.

pls help me out of this.


- Mrudul.  

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