[ILUG-BOM] Thanks to the greatest open community - HA

jtd jtdsouza@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Apr 6 17:36:16 IST 2004

On Tuesday 06 April 2004 14:04, Aji wrote:
Who u?
who grmtech?
What r u talking about? redhat, blue penguin?

> Hi,
> We at grmtech want to thank the Linux community around the world
> and will like to start from our own country.

How about a "Powered by GNU/Linux Apache PHP" banner on your website.
And while you are at it shut down telnet and some other ports on your 

> We have got a lot from 
> the linux community and now want to give something back. 

And a clear statement about your OS preference. And a small write up 
on swantra software and it's goals and principles.

> You guys 
> go ahead and suggest what you want. We will like to continue this
> practice every year and have decided to give it a starting in 2004
> when the Indian TV audiences have seen an Open world through IBM
> ad.
> Some of the suggestions which we got is
> 1) Free hosting and bandwidth for linux communities, for websites
> and other projects like bangali linux project.(we have 8 dedicated
> linux servers in the same data center as the google servers)

We have seen enough "freebies" with hidden nooses.

> 2) Making one single forum for Indian Linux lovers, where newbies
> and veterans can meet.

Never heard of FSF India have you?
should enlighten you a little.

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