[ILUG-BOM] FTP and Ipchains

yayati singh yayati_singh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Apr 8 11:04:24 IST 2004

Taming the ipchains would be difficult, for a
complicated protocoal like ftp,
try passive off (on squid.conf, which shall send ftp
requests in non- passive mode. and ftp through the
squid port (3128).
also you can chenge the user name of ftp connections
the default is squid, on squid.cont to anonymous, use
ftp user anonymous, refer to the squid manuals for
more details.

let us know on the results.


 --- Rajendra Rait <raj_rait at postmark.net> wrote: > Hi
> I am using Red Hat Linux 7.0 which acts as an proxy
> server(Transparent Squid), and firewall
> server(Ipchains). I use
> dial-up connection. My problem is whenever i connect
> to an ftp site my
> get this error:-
> ~ Login completed.
> > PORT 10,1,11,11,8,230
> < 500 Illegal PORT Command
> ~ Could not retrieve directory listing for "/"

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