[ILUG-BOM] Lets have our Lan party and build our own Flash Mob (SuperComputer)

Trevor Warren trevor.w@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Apr 9 10:32:23 IST 2004

Fellas....lets also set a date for our Flash Mob LAN party with Gnu/Linux:

Just what is Flash Mob Computing and FlashMob I?
A Flash Mob supercomputer is hundreds or even thousands of computers
connected together via a LAN working together as a single supercomputer. A
Flash Mob computer, unlike an ordinary cluster, is temporary and organized
on-the-fly for the purpose of working on a single problem. Flash Mob I is
the first of its kind. By bringing hundreds of people like you together in
one room, we will have enough computing power to become one of the fastest
supercomputers on the planet.

Who should participate?
Anyone with a 1.3 GHZ Pentium III Celeron/AMD equivalent or better with at
least 256MB of RAM. FlashMob I is a radical new idea in the world of
supercomputers. Kids, students, adults, professionals, academics, web
folk, IT departments, computer clubs, LAN Party types. Anyone with a
computer that meets the spec is welcome.

What Can I to Do?
Bring one or more computers to Koret Gym. Your computer must be at least
1.3 GHZ Pentium III/AMD equivalent or better with at least 256MB of RAM, a
100 Base-T network connection and a CD-ROM.

We will provide you with a CD-ROM that you'll boot from. The CD-ROM
contains everything you need including an operating system, networking and
configuration software and the benchmarking software. It does not matter
what your computer's current OS is. Because the software boots from the
CD-ROM and runs entirely from memory, your hard drive will never be
touched so it doesn't matter what your OS is or what software you have
installed. Register and we will send you reminders as the date grows
closer. We'll be publishing the .ISO so you can build your own FlashMob!

When you arrive, you'll be assigned a Hub Captain who will help you get
your computers up and working as part of FlashMob I. You'll be running
Linpack -- the benchmarking software used to rank the Top 500 Fastest

So tell your friends, grab computers from home, from work, from school,
wherever. Make science, make history, make a supercomputer!

Read more at....http://www.flashmobcomputing.org/

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