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Hi Trevor,

It's a great idea.

"Flash Mob in Mumbai"


> Fellas....lets also set a date for our Flash Mob LAN party with Gnu/Linux:
> Just what is Flash Mob Computing and FlashMob I?
> A Flash Mob supercomputer is hundreds or even thousands of computers
> connected together via a LAN working together as a single supercomputer. A
> Flash Mob computer, unlike an ordinary cluster, is temporary and organized
> on-the-fly for the purpose of working on a single problem. Flash Mob I is
> the first of its kind. By bringing hundreds of people like you together in
> one room, we will have enough computing power to become one of the fastest
> supercomputers on the planet.
> Who should participate?
> Anyone with a 1.3 GHZ Pentium III Celeron/AMD equivalent or better with at
> least 256MB of RAM. FlashMob I is a radical new idea in the world of
> supercomputers. Kids, students, adults, professionals, academics, web
> folk, IT departments, computer clubs, LAN Party types. Anyone with a
> computer that meets the spec is welcome.
> What Can I to Do?
> Bring one or more computers to Koret Gym. Your computer must be at least
> 1.3 GHZ Pentium III/AMD equivalent or better with at least 256MB of RAM, a
> 100 Base-T network connection and a CD-ROM.
> We will provide you with a CD-ROM that you'll boot from. The CD-ROM
> contains everything you need including an operating system, networking and
> configuration software and the benchmarking software. It does not matter
> what your computer's current OS is. Because the software boots from the
> CD-ROM and runs entirely from memory, your hard drive will never be
> touched so it doesn't matter what your OS is or what software you have
> installed. Register and we will send you reminders as the date grows
> closer. We'll be publishing the .ISO so you can build your own FlashMob!
> When you arrive, you'll be assigned a Hub Captain who will help you get
> your computers up and working as part of FlashMob I. You'll be running
> Linpack -- the benchmarking software used to rank the Top 500 Fastest
> Supercomputers.
> So tell your friends, grab computers from home, from work, from school,
> wherever. Make science, make history, make a supercomputer!
> Read more at....http://www.flashmobcomputing.org/
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