[ILUG-BOM] [Commercial] Tally Under Linux

Rishi Gangoly rishi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Apr 9 12:04:26 IST 2004

On Wednesday 07 Apr 2004 8:12 am, Trevor Warren wrote:
>  Would you mind letting us know if this was achieved under wine or there
> is now a compatible version for Gnu/Linux.


I called Tally a few months ago and they said they had no plans on releasing 
Tally for Linux ever.

Seeing Joel's enthu, I decided to get our version of Tally (5.x) working in 
Linux using Wine and I'm happy to add that I'm half way there.

The first problem I had were the fonts. It looked horrible... However, copying 
the files from C:\Windows\Fonts to 
/home/user/.wine/fake_windows/Windows/Fonts did the trick.

I'm not sure if that was legal since I guess the Windows Fonts also may be 
considered part of the operating system fonts and thus require to have a per 
user license of WIndows 9x for them. :-(

The second problem I had was accessing the data folder on the user's windows 
computer "c:\tally\data"

So I shared the 'data' folder in Windows and used smbmount to map that share 
on my linux partition
smbmount //computer_name/data /tally/tally/data 

I had to change the TALLY.INI file on my Linux computer with E:\tally\data and 
in the Wine Configuration map E: = /tally

Now I've managed to get it open looking good and access the existing data, on 
the Windows PC, but adding / deleting records although work, gives an error 
and exits. :-(

I guess I need to do some looking into the Wine user groups and RTFM a little 
more. ;-)

The hurdles I yet have to cross are 
- getting the hardware and software lock to work...
- printing

Will keep you guys posted on the progress I make, if any.

Note: Tally is and always will be non-free software, so for those of you  on 
the group that are keen on using only Free Software in life, please ignore 
this thread. ;-)



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