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From: Martin Streicher <mstreicher-nospam- at linux-mag.com>
Subject: COMMERCIAL: May 2004 issue of Linux Magazine available April 13
Date: 11 Apr 2004 03:40:13 GMT

Linux Professionals:

The May 2004 issue of Linux Magazine (http://www.linux-mag.com) will be 
available on newsstands beginning April 13th. 

May's feature stories introduce Subversion 1.0, take an in-depth look 
at open role-playing games, and review the state of Linux on the 
PowerPC processor architecture.

In addition, the May issue of Linux Magazine adds two new monthly 
columns: Law student and MBA Nicholas Well's "On the Docket" focuses on 
legal issues, such as vendor indemnity and flavors of open source 
licenses, while MySQL guru Jeremy Zawodny pens "Advanced MySQL". The 
new columns join Randal Schwartz's clever "Perls of Wisdom", Jerry 
Peek's instructive "Power Tools", Rod Smith's system administration 
"Guru Guidance", and more than eight other columns focused on putting 
Linux to work. 

A table of contents appears below.

Back issues of Linux Magazine are available for free (registration not 
required) at http://www.linux-mag.com. The magazine is available on 
newsstands in all major book and news retailers. 

Martin Streicher
Editor-in-Chief, Linux Magazine
mstreicher -at- linux-mag dot com

Linux Magazine
May 2004
Table of Contents


The "Other" Linux by Dan Burcaw

Move over, Intel. Linux and PowerPC are in the fast lane. Linux on 
Intel is driving the commoditization of computing. But it's not the 
only game in town, nor is it the only combination of software and 
hardware with influence. Linux also runs on PowerPC processors -- 
including IBM's POWER series, Apple's G5, and other embeddable cores -- 
and runs well. Here's a look at the "other" Linux, the one that runs on 

Subversion 101 by William Nagel

The new open source version control promises to obsolete CVS. While CVS 
is the de facto standard for revision control in the world of Open 
Source, that doesn't mean CVS is popular or perfect. To some 
developers, CVS is simply a necessary evil. But now there's an 
alternative to CVS. Read on for a look at the just-released Subversion 

Brave New Worlds by Howard Wen

Open-source game developers work hard to play harder. A number of open 
source projects, including WorldForge and NeL, are redefining the 
frontiers of massively-multiplayer gaming. Take a peek at the games, 
the gearheads, and the gizmos that make play work.


Do It Yourself: MythTV: The Open Source PVR by Jeremy Zawodny

On the Docket: Indemnification and SCO's Demands by Nicholas Wells

The Hard Way: How Not to Build a Linux PDA by Jason Perlow

Power Tools: Great Command-line Combinations by Jerry Peek

Guru Guidance: A First Look at the New CIFS Driver by Roderick W. Smith

Extreme Linux: 64-bit Computing with SGI's Altix by Forrest Hoffman

Perl of Wisdom: Using Perl/Tk for Simple Graphing by Randal L. Schwartz

Tech Support: Using Logwatch and Watching DVDs by Jeremy Garcia

LAMP Post: Picture It with JpGraph by Michael Bordash

MySQL: Replication Tips and Tricks in MySQL by Jeremy Zawodny

Zonker's Product Picks by Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier

Shutdown: Converting Joe Windows by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

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