[ILUG-BOM] regards list rules

Trevor Warren trevor.w@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Apr 12 11:49:04 IST 2004

Morning Mejo,

  While there has been significant issues in the past with pple adhereing
to rules and regulations i beg to differ.

  Simply cause of the following......

> We have been part of this group majorly "Just For Fun"
> I don't see why one should start policing this mailing list anytime soon
> Just cause one has learnt what "Net-iquette" means doesn't empower
him/her to bully the others to complying with the same.
> To encourage participation we have to be more than a little lax
> To enforce all your "Red-Tapism" puts of most on-the-fringe enthusiats

  We shall call for all on this list to adhere to the norms but i do not
see....anyone turning into a GLug-Bom Mailing list cop anytime soon. We
already have a philip around.

PN: If anyone has any issues with anyone else please feel free to express
the same.


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