[ILUG-BOM] sad and depressed - Help! system hangs, files vanish

Trevor Warren trevor.w@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Apr 14 15:21:35 IST 2004

Afternoon Vickram,

Vickram Crishna said:
> Hello
> If this is a problem already discussed here, please just point me to
> the thread, or else do mail me directly if you have a way forward.

  Doesn't matter. Tell us if there is any specific task that makes the
machine come to a crawl/freeze. I would be the last person to suggest a
re-install but in your case since you have had significant reboots from
a dead/frozen state it would  be better to try out a complete

  Instead of trying Red Hat can i suggest Debian. Lets accept that your
machine isn't one of the mean number crunching monsters you would see in
the market. My thought of you trying debian was cause i know even if it
barfs on
your hardware configuration....it would do that with grace.

PN: Ensure you do some minimum performance/system tweaking once you are
done with an Install of Gnu/Linux for superior performance.


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