[ILUG-BOM] DNS Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 (ES)

Rajkumar Adsule rk1241978@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Apr 16 10:59:48 IST 2004

Animesh Singh <an2rhyme at yahoo.com> wrote:
U simple copy the conf. files from Red Hat 9.0 to RHEL 3.0 ES. It works perfectly.

copy the following files.


Rajkumar Adsule wrote:
Hi all,
I am able to configure the DNS Server on RH 9.0 and it works fine :) , but i am 

Dear Animesh,

Thanx a lot for the information, not yet tested  will test it soon ...but if it works :) ..it means everytime i have to configure the DNS first on RH(.0 and then copy the files to RHEL3.0 ....  :( not a wiser idea isn't it .... is there any direct way to configure it on RHEL3.0 ..... if plz forward ....

thanx n regards



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