[ILUG-BOM] where to get fedora core cd

Animesh Singh an2rhyme@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Apr 17 14:41:02 IST 2004

 shweta vohra <vohra_shwetaa at rediffmail.com> wrote:

hi frends.....

can aany of u help me in ....

1.h= ow to lock files and console through commmands i.e. from


vlock & xlock

2.ho= w to get fedora core version installation cd.
Downloading the ISO Images
The ISO images are located at the following URL:


3.is there any source o= r help thru which i can convince my
customers that why linux and not window= s. some real enterprise

for my knowledge also.

U r the best one. Still for ur info. url:- http://linas.org/linux/



[1] [RealMedi=] 


1. 3D"http://clients.red=/

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