[ILUG-BOM] [COMMERCIAL] System Administrator urgently required

Nosferatu!!! radid@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Apr 17 16:18:56 IST 2004

Hey all,

There is an immediate requirement for a system administrator
at a GNU/Linux focused company located in Vashi.

They are looking for someone having the following traits:

	- Should be a proficient GNU/Linux user

	- Should have the thirst for knowledge and willing
	  to RTFM to get things working

	- Must have the ability to lead and take charge to 
	  execute projects

	- Good knowledge of DNS workings (not just BIND
	  configuration) like MX, CNAME records and their 

	- Should understand basic TCP/IP protocol suite
	  (required to work with firewalls and NAT environs)

	- Must know IPTables based firewall configuration

	- Must be able to configure Squid web/cache proxy server
	  (understanding of ACLs is a must)

	- Must know atleast one mail server configuration
	  (Postfix expertise highly preferred)

	- Should be a very good at writing shell scripts utilising
	  the regular tools like grep, sed, awk etc.,

The person they are looking for should be open-minded and willing
to grow.

If you feel you are upto the challenge then please email the
following addressess with your resume/bio-data/CV:

ravi at phoenixsoftnet.com
jt at phoenixsoftnet.com


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