[ILUG-BOM] FLOSS lunacy : But Where??2E_How_does_Lonavala?=

Trevor Warren trevorwarren@yahoo.com
Sun Apr 25 21:43:04 IST 2004

Morning Warren,

--- Warren Brian Noronha <warren@gnu.org.in> wrote:
>  I think lonavala would be cool. The weather is good
> there, only problem we 
> have to find some place with a pool there. There is
> this place called bee 
> gees and kamth's club. I guess we could contact
> them.

  Yep, i had requested guntu to have to same
co-ordinated since guntu is from the plug. Lemme do an
official post there right now.

>  Or we could just go back to the same place we went
> last time, have we 
> contacted the Pune LUG to join up with us?

  Where we went last time dear is a few light years
from where the pluggers are. Lonavla would be a better
bet for them.

  Any good ideas for the lonalva trip. Sign up soon


> Regards,
> Warren Brian Noronha.

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