[ILUG-BOM] (all the mails urgent)if any1 uses BSNL DIAS or DSL connection with linux?

Tue Apr 20 10:42:10 IST 2004

Hi all,

if any1 uses BSNL DIAS or DSL connection with linux? please drop a mail with
your phone number, we will like to ask some questions.



Hi all,

Nothing is working out,

do anyone run dsl modem on linux?? what is your exact model number since
we were not able to install it and when we spoke to the developer of the
he said that maybe the users has a lower version of the chip. you can go
through the whole chat with kolja(he is one of the driver developers) at
http://www.grmtech.com/docs/kolja-conv.txt . Also we have other files with
some outputs displayed which may be helpful to understand the root problem

Your help will be highly appreciated.


The details about the hardware
adsl usb modem (smc7003usb v.2-bt)
intel 875P chipset

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