[ILUG-BOM] [commercial] Tech writing

Tue Apr 20 10:58:36 IST 2004


As I have mailed in different groups concerning article submissions,I
really appreciate your participation, I got many application from
different part of the country. We want to make it a little organize,
anyone interested in article submission, please send me your details as in
, your personal details and the topics you will be interested in, the
sites where you will submit the articles and the time span required. I
will then add you to our company network where we can communicate the
other details. Please let me know asap.


The other mails posted

We at grmtech are looking for good writers, who can write tech articles on
> Linux related topics. If you are interested please mail me at
> aji at grmtech.com or give me a call 9830271197. He/She will be paid for each
> article, for details just drop a mail.
> Regards
> Aji

Hi ,

Nice to hear from you ppl, The limits will be according to the topics choosen
by the author(thats you). If it get published online(any reputed Linux

articles related website like http://www.linuxgazette.com or
http://www.linuxjournal.com e.t.c with our company
tag) we will pay you rs 500 per article, and their is no limit to articles
submitted under our name and url(url is optional but will appreciate a link).

Can you suggest us some reputed article submission site which accepts good

Linux related articles.


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