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Tue Apr 20 12:16:16 IST 2004

Hi Aji, 

I have written a lot of article on Linuxgazette. You can see the full list
here. http://linuxgazette.net/authors/vinayak.html 

   * [issue 100]  Programmer's Toolkit: Profiling programs using gprof
   * [issue 89] Easter Eggs
   * [issue 89] The Linux Scheduler
   * [issue 87] Encryption using OpenSSL's crypto libraries
   * [issue 86] Exploring TCP/IP with TCPdump and Tethereal
   * [issue 85] Getting started with TUX
   * [issue 84] Using the Logical Volume Manager 

I write on a varirty of topics, especially related to networking/security
and general c/c++ programming/tools. I am currently writing a column fo 
Linuxgazette.net called programmer's toolkit. Time span required to write an
article varies according to the topics but is generally around 1-2 weeks.
I have article ideas for newsforge.com and osnews.com. I just need the time
to write them. 

You can call me on (0)98853 57003.
website : vinayak.freezope.org (under construction) 

Thanks and Regards
vinayak hegde 

Aji writes:
> Hi,
> As I have mailed in different groups concerning article submissions,I
> really appreciate your participation, I got many application from
> different part of the country. We want to make it a little organize,
> anyone interested in article submission, please send me your details as in
> , your personal details and the topics you will be interested in, the
> sites where you will submit the articles and the time span required. I
> will then add you to our company network where we can communicate the
> other details. Please let me know asap. 
> Regards
> Aji 
> The other mails posted 
> We at grmtech are looking for good writers, who can write tech articles on
>> Linux related topics. If you are interested please mail me at
>> aji at grmtech.com or give me a call 9830271197. He/She will be paid for each
>> article, for details just drop a mail. 
>> Regards
>> Aji
> Hi , 
> Nice to hear from you ppl, The limits will be according to the topics choosen
> by the author(thats you). If it get published online(any reputed Linux 
> articles related website like http://www.linuxgazette.com or
> http://www.linuxjournal.com e.t.c with our company
> tag) we will pay you rs 500 per article, and their is no limit to articles
> submitted under our name and url(url is optional but will appreciate a link). 
> Can you suggest us some reputed article submission site which accepts good 
> Linux related articles. 
> Regards
> Aji

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