[ILUG-BOM] GPRS related questions

Saswata scrap@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Apr 20 14:42:54 IST 2004

Kiran Ghag wrote:

>Hi all,
>sometimes back i remember there was a discussion going on here about GPRS.
>recently bought a nokia 6610, sans data cable.
>I would like to know folowwing
>1. is there any doc or HOWTO about using gprs cell as modem
You will have major problems locating drivers for the phone for linux. 
If you find some place to get it, then let me know the site since I also 
want to get drivers for my phone - sony ericsson T310.

>2. orange provides gprs for 99 pm, rite? what are the features provided in
The 99 pm scheme is only for wap. It does not support http protocol. It 
will work only on wap browsers on the phone. It will also not work on 
the email clients that are normally provided in mobiles and will not 
work on java browsers you install on the mobile.

>3. is gprs worth it practically, what download speeds will i get
Orange 25-35kbps throughput. Others, cant say.
It is ok for mail and light surfing. I have noticed that if you actively 
use more than 2 browser windows, you will have problem......

But Nokia gprs is pathetic. You are not likely to get speed over 14Kon 
that phone.

>shall i go for it?
>Thanks and Regards,
>Kiran Ghag
>Web Page: http://kiran7.freeservers.com
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>with the possible exceptions of handguns and Tequilla.
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