[ILUG-BOM] sending mail using mutt/sendmail

Trideepraj Roychoudhury fsalabs@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Apr 23 09:09:23 IST 2004


I was trying to use MUTT for recieving and sending
emails from my mail server. I could configure MUTT to
recieve my emails(through POP3) but I am unable to do
so for sending them(through SMTP). 

When I send email from MUTT it keeps
displaying(infinitely) "Sending Message..." at the
status bar. I then have to manually kill 'sendmail' to
stop it. After killing sendmail MUTT says "Mail Sent".

Also when I send email using MUTT the From: field has
the user id of my local account with which I login
i.e. <root@>. I want the From: field to my have email
address i.e. myself at mailserver.com.

Assume my mail configurations are:

from=myself at mailserver.com

NOTE:myself != user123
NOTE:I require authentication at mail.mailserver.com
using userid and password.

How do I configure MUTT/Sendmail for sending emails
using my smtp mail server?

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