[ILUG-BOM] need webhosting + mailing list space for nashik lug

Sthitaprajna sp.jena@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Apr 23 14:54:01 IST 2004

> > 
> >    Joshua, i ain't too sure about ssh access but for sure i will 
> > forward the same to ppl who i know may be able to help.
> > 
> why not just use SourceForge, you can host lug sites & lists 
> there, & you get all the above for 'free' only you need to 
> register a domain & link it to the SF site.

Check out http://www.sarovar.org

Start a project, email them. Register your domain. Ssh/FTP access provided.
They'll create a nice virtualhost for you.


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