[ILUG-BOM] Clean shut down on a linux machine, via managed ups

Abhishek Daga abhishek@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Apr 23 18:37:40 IST 2004

Hi all.
Thanks for the various posts regarding gaim. I am still downloading and
satisfying all dependencies. Should take some more time (hopefully the
last rpm i am downloading)

Now to another issue:

The Setup is Linux (ofcourse). Redhat 9.0

Need to have a smart shutdown procedure in place where in the event of a
power failure (ups takes over being the obvious step), but in case of an
extended power outage, the system should do a clean shutdown. 

The UPS will be attached ONLY to the linux machine so 500/700 VA would

What next? What are the options?

a) Managed UPS? if yes, which one? cost?
b) Ordinary will do? if yes, then what daemon will work? 

Any and all help is always appreciated...


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