[ILUG-BOM] Wanted: Tutor for UNIX, PERL/PYTHON in South Bombay

Sid Mathur mathur_sk@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Oct 25 11:43:05 IST 2004

Wanted: Tutor for UNIX and PERL/PYTHON in South Bombay

I must learn to use UNIX and to program in PERL/PYTHON -- my firm (a US 
bank) has some critical stuff on that configuration that I need to be able 
to manage. I have mild programming skills to fall back upon (although I am 
way out of touch with syntax, etc. and my regular job is that of a financial 
analyst). Ideally I would like to do this either over a few full-day 
sessions or part time over two weeks.

I would be obliged if any of you can help, or can point me to someone who 

Oh, and yes, I would gladly pay for the tutorials.


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