[ILUG-BOM] explanation of named stats

Keith Fernandez keith@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Oct 25 14:06:23 IST 2004


Can anyone point me to where I can get an explanation of the named
statistics on the internet. I couldnt find much. The reason being  in my
stats, the failuers are showing 8483727, is that normal. People are not
complaing about my DNS, and my Name server is running fine. Is it normal to
have so many failure's in their stats.

+++ Statistics Dump +++ (1098648000)
success 42850434
referral 188302
nxrrset 7775566
nxdomain 24355129
recursion 12157886
failure 8483727
--- Statistics Dump --- (1098648000)

Thanks in advance.


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