[ILUG-BOM] November GLUG meet--call for speakers

Anurag anurag@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Oct 31 12:28:28 IST 2004

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 00:33:19 -0700, "Amish Munshi"
<amishmunshi at gmail.com> said:

> we definately need a few more of technical seminars. Although we have
> been having good turnouts in the recent meets, but I would have
> enjoyed the meets much more if there would have been some more
> technical topics (I would have loved so see rusty in action than just
> words).

The september GLUG meet was also too good even though it was not based
on any technical topic. Mr. Subramaniam Vutha and Ms. Nappinai kept us
consumed all the while in their talk. I suggest Venky to hold more of
such topics.

> Is there a  scope to have webcasts of the seminars we hold on the
> ilug-bom site?

Good idea. But it needs volunteers for help. Would you like to

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