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Mon Nov 1 19:52:14 IST 2004

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From: "Devdas Bhagat" <devdas at dvb.homelinux.org>

> On 30/10/04 21:23 +0530, Rony Bill wrote:
>> This is off topic.
> And the relevance of all your posts to Linux has been?
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> Devdas Bhagat

Dear Devdas,

All the other ideas use computing as a core operation and linux being open 
source is best suited for those who may be keen on developing those ideas. 
Giving an idea is a suggesstion. Implementing it or modifying it or 
rejecting it, is your own individual choice. The last idea, I agree is a 
mechanical one but consider a scenerio where Linus Tarvolds visits India and 
gets trapped in a lift during a fire. If he uses the cranking lever to 
escape safely, then we all stand a good chance of downloading the next 
version of the linux kernel. If my ideas have caused anyone any trouble then 
my apologies for the same.



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