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Tue Nov 2 11:16:54 IST 2004

On Tuesday 02 November 2004 10:25, Vivek J.Patankar wrote:
> On Mon Nov  1  9:21 , Satya <ilugbom at thesatya.com> sent:
> >Great! So what's your topic for the next meeting?
> >(You just volunteered, you know.)
> With all due respect, not everybody is a guru and knowledgable
> enough to speak on a topic. Most fall under the category of
> 'chelas' 

Once setup gnu/linux systems are quite boring u know. Spamassain knocks out a hundred spam mails from my vsnl pop mail (that is vsnl mails speciality allowing tons of spam). Clamav knocks out another hundred nematodes (actually pointless since those poor worms are quite harmless). The ocassional portscan is detected and yawn..... no blue screens, no illegal operations, no virus frenzies and now a days no hacked to death windoze is better than honey discussion on the list either. So as far as regular slow joe's usage is concerned gnu/linux simply works.

It's really the setting up part that requires skill and support - not an everday task - my system was installed about 14 months ago. editing the source.list file and typing apt-get update;aptget upgrade is all that ive been doing for the past 14 months. the latest pakages for debian come from backports.org and a couple of other sites.
As far as usage is concerned clicking mouse buttons hardly requires any training Well one 55++ yr old newbie to computers did require training on moving the mouse and took to GNU/Linux like a pro. Switch on and the browser opens onto some cricket site. Kmail opens up and downloads mails. Xmms starts playing some bhajans etc. etc. He wonders what are computer viruses and why everbody in his office are in such a state of terminal anxiety every few weeks.


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