[ILUG-BOM] November GLUG meet--call for speakers

Saswata Banerjee & Associates scrapo@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Nov 2 20:33:25 IST 2004

Anurag wrote:

> Amish Munshi wrote:
>> On a completely different note, I can takeup mono and why .NET makes a
>> lot of sense. Fortunately unlike Java we have an opensource compiler
>> for .NET which is already implimented in production enviornments. 
> There's a thread going on in FSF's mailing list regarding the ethical 
> implications of the whole DotNET framework altogether.... How 
> justified would it be to embrace a proprietary software major's 
> another product, is something which we should consider first ....

Please remember that .Net Framework is microsoft's implementation of the 
Open Architecture Standards for software development provided by 
European Computer Manufacturer's Association (ECMA). Anyone can create 
an alternate implementation of the framework on any OS of his or her 
choice. Simply because Microsoft has been the first to implement it or 
has made it popular does not mean that you should refuse to use it.

As far as I have heard, DOTGNU and MONO, both are implemented from the 
ECMA standards and they are not reverse engineered from Microsoft .Net 
Framework. In fact, Microsoft has its own open source implementation of 
.Net Framework called ROTOR which it created as a proof of concept to 
show that .Net was open standard and could be created by anyone.



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