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Devdas Bhagat devdas@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Nov 2 21:29:24 IST 2004

On 02/11/04 06:24 -0800, BIJU KRISHNAN wrote:
> Hi all,
> Actually I had framed the question wrong in a jiffy.........thank you
> for the answers..
> The problem i have observed with most of the mail servers in a
> corporate network is that there seems to be no authentication on the
> relay mail server........
> I have observed that although the servers in the internal network of
> a corporate org have proper SMTP auth means, the relays or gateways
> for external mail delivery do not seem to authenticate the user.

Whats with the line length? 
How do you expect the inbound servers to authenticate the sender, and why
do you expect them to authenticate said sender?

> On such n/w's I'am able to send mail from xyz at copstop.com to
> abc at copstop.com using low level SMTP chat from home by telnet to port
> 25 to one of copstop.com's relay servers facing the internet. Where'as
> i'am not either of the two. 

I believe you are confusing between relay and MX. They serve different
purposes, and are configured differently.
The frontline MX merely needs to verify that the recipient is valid, and
that the mail is acceptable to the organisation.

If you require that the MX further validate that there should be no
senders in the domains in accepts mail for, then IIRC, there is no off
the shelf solution with Sendmail. You will have to code a milter.

With Postfix, providing a check_sender_access control should suffice.

Devdas Bhagat

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