[ILUG-BOM] pacenet connection - steps to follow

Rony Bill ronbilly@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Nov 4 00:05:33 IST 2004

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From: "rohit bhute" <rvbhute at gmail.com>

> I've read through the archives for pacenet problems.
> 1. I used the pppoe command. Does that mean I've rp-pppoe installed ?
> 2. What exactly do I tell the pacenet people when I tell them to
> create a linux user for me ?

After reading your problem, as an experiment, I tried using a Red Hat 8 
machine on LAN to connect to the internet through a Win XP machine that was 
used as a default gateway. The XP used a shared dialup connection. On the 
linux side I used a fixed IP address with the usual subnet mask and the 
default gateway was set to the XP's ip address. I was able to surf the net 
using the mozilla browser in the linux machine.


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