[ILUG-BOM] [OT] My PC won't start...Please help!

Sarfaraz Kazi sarzkazi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Nov 5 12:09:35 IST 2004

> Sarfaraz, Sachin:
> I'm facing exactly the same issue since last
> two days.  Have a feeling its something to do with
SMPS. Because
> I got it started once or twice randomly by touching
the SMPS or
> somewhere on the motherboard while powering on.
> problem?)  Sarfaraz, pls keep me posted if you get
any clue;
> ditto from my side.
> Veer.

Hi Veer,

guess what? i changed the smps and now the system
starts up. one problem
solved. but i'm into another soup now!

as i mentioned in my first post, the system powered
off suddenly while i was
working on something. well, actually at that time i
was trying to re-install
windoze xp. i dual-boot with xp & gnu/linux (mandrake
9.1 - kernel
2.4.2<something>) . xp installed on c: and wasn't

the system went off in the middle of the installation
process. now when i
start the machine, the fans work, hdd works, cd drive
works but i don't get
any display and no POST,i.e., i'm not getting the
single beep on boot. the
hdd activity led stays constantly on. indicates some
problem with bios. does
it has to do anything with the fact that i changed the
cmos battery while
the system was down?

Sachinji, ramzaam mubarak aapko bhi! can you please
help me out with this


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