[ILUG-BOM] [OT] My PC won't start...Please help!

Vivek J.Patankar vivekpatankar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Nov 5 14:31:24 IST 2004

On Thu Nov  4 23:39 , Sarfaraz Kazi <sarzkazi at yahoo.com> sent:

>process. now when i
>start the machine, the fans work, hdd works, cd drive
>works but i don't get
>any display and no POST,i.e., i'm not getting the
>single beep on boot. the
>hdd activity led stays constantly on. indicates some
>problem with bios. does
>it has to do anything with the fact that i changed the
>cmos battery while
>the system was down?

It is possible that some part of your motherboard is touching the base plate of
the cabinet. In such situations the system doesn't boot up. This *could* have
happened when you depressed the board to install the new CMOS battery. Try
lifting up the board a little with your finger tip. I usually have insulation
between the board and base plate.
Could be, Could be not, Couldn't say for sure.


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