[ILUG-BOM] online monitoring of log files on gnu-linux, aix and hp-ux

Keith Fernandez keith@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Nov 5 17:19:06 IST 2004

>   For one of TCS's client we have configured Nagios
> and a host of other GPL'ed applns top aid him in
> Network Monitoring as part of a very large project.
> This last problem has me stumped.
>   In my network consisting of purely
> AIX/Gnu-Linux/HP-UX i have to provide a single console
> for monitoring all logs and trigger an alert/alarm as
> soon as a particular message comes up in the logs.
> These logs will be both system and application logs
> and hence the messages to be tracked has to be
> customisable.

We use nagios, HP OV and Big Brother for monitoring our servers.
So far Big Brother is the best that I have seen in terms of monitoring and
emails/pager warnings.


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