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Fri Nov 5 23:53:56 IST 2004

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From: "Philip Tellis" <philip.tellis at gmx.net>
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> The first rule of all intelligent tinkering is to keep all the parts.
> -- Aldo Leopold, quoted in Donald Wurster's "Nature's Economy"

Rest assured Philip, I am not the one who is going to tinker around with 
atoms and molecules. But don't be afraid to dream and let your imagination 
loose, atleast for some time. Yesterday's dreams are today's technology. Who 
knows how the future turns out to be. I once observed on tv, a high speed 
water skier riding the waves at over 100 miles per hour. When he would 
release himself from the rope and fell on the water, he did not sink into 
the water but rolled over it for some time till his speed came down. This 
was because the viscocity of water and the high speed make the water surface 
very hard. Thats why power boats consume a lot of power to overcome the drag 
at high speeds. I thought, instead of using the drag and hardness of water 
as a disadvantage, why not use it as an advantage and roll over it like a 
wheel rolls over the road. The higher the speed, the better the roll. I 
don't know how practical this concept is but if it works, it would herald a 
new era in high speed water transport, using a slightly advanced automobile 
with specially designed wheels. This would bring down travel costs as it 
would be a little more expensive than a luxury bus. Have you imagined going 
from Mumbai to Dubai over the sea, in a bus, in a few hours? That's 
yesterday's dream.


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