[ILUG-BOM] Encourage questions..!

Wed Dec 29 14:19:00 IST 2004

Dear All,

I know its very irritating when people ask simple
questions.....but from my point of view we should
encourage all types of questions rather that pointing
at google or man.

Its true amish, that individuals do not utilise the
existing information before shooting questions, but
often most of my solutions come from existing replies
on mailing lists all around the world, indexed by

Preassumptions on how the member utilizes the
information or on whether he/she uses it or not is not
worthwhile probing into.

Maybe the enlightened can provide exact links for a
particular topic to reduce the time taken for

As for the question on Connecting to a Win2k using
sambav3, my suggestion is using LinNeighborhood

I personally use it to browse the network..!

bye rgds


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