[ILUG-BOM] Meeting - Jan 9 - suggested topic

rohit bhute rvbhute@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Dec 31 14:17:59 IST 2004

Point noted - even third year IT/Comp Engg. students in my college,
when presented with a Firefox/Explorer choice, go for Explorer. Our
labs use a linux/mozilla combination to isolate the LAN from the net -
because in linux, the students only know how to start the browser. Its
the same in a cafe. Given a choice of firefox/gaim/thunderbird (even
on a windows machine) the user will start explorer/yahoo
messenger/outlook. As for the billing software, these same third year
students create applications from scratch for events in tech and
cultural fests - surely someone more experienced can do more in linux.
For the new year, I'm going to finally *TRY* connecting linux to the
net and reduce windows to a 5 GB partition. :-D

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