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Sat Jan 1 11:07:27 IST 2005

   Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:

On Friday 31 December 2004 08:45 pm, you wrote:

   Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:

indians dont like to work for free

   Who said so ? Misconceptions my dear friend. :-)
   Anyways I am currently working on an antispam/antivirus project
   project in C & Perl, which has the power of Amavisd-new and has the
   flexibility of MailScanner, integrates with SpamAssassin and has its
   own signature detection algorithm one very different from DCC and
   Razor2 and is optimised to work with the working standards of Postfix
   (Not Sendmail because I don't like it and not Qmail because I don't
   know about it :-)  ). And I am going to make the Project and its
   source public (and that too for free) perhaps by the mid of the new
   year (If my office hours don't drag too long).

after you release it, let me know how many indians join to *work* with the 
development - i will then be pleased to withdraw my remarks


   Sure. I'll be happy if more Indians come aboard the GNU Ship :-)
   Ne ways wish all of you a happy and Delightful new year and hope that
   Linux becomes more popular this year. :-)
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