[ILUG-BOM] Meeting - Jan 9 - suggested topic

Trevor Warren trevorwarren@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Jan 1 11:16:08 IST 2005

Morning Folks,

   Yeh, JTD is one such potato freak. Dpkg'ing even in
his sleep. The best part is his wife is a gnu
supporter too.

   Fellas, we all have to live as one large family.
Some on MS and some on Gnu/Linux. Some will say value
your freedom and hence gnu makes much more sense. Some
will insist on the security, some on the reliability,
some on the stablity.....but at the end of the day
travelling across the country i have learnt humans
will do what they are comfortable with.

 If you have imbimbed in them the gnu
approach....he/she will gnu for life. If you imbibe
the MS approach....he/she will be
rebooting/reinstalling for life.

 To recognise this diversity and work towards sharing
knowledge through providing for open sharing of ideas
without IP is what Gnu is all about.


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